The Space


Spacious Open Plan Warehouse measure

Entire Space measure 13m x 14m

Approximately 2000 Sq. Ft. or 185 Sq. m

13ft x 7ft Skylight

Ceiling Height of up to 13ft or 4 m

10+ Hours of Natural Light

Canal View Balcony Measuring 200 Sq. Ft.


We are proud to offer a complete package for commercial and independent photo and video shoot customers.

With 63A 3 Phase Power and a rubber box distro there is truly no limit to the lighting setups you can acheive in our space.

Vittoria Wharf is blessed with east and west facing windows as well as a huge skylight so even on London's cloudiest days there is a diffused brightness perfect for naturally lit photography.

If you'd rather control the lighting stage we also offer the space in complete blackout.